Scottie has always been curious about writing erotica, but she was leery of falling into that “cringey” writing category. Most of the erotica that crossed her path seemed coarse, to say the least – but what she did love about it was the reality of erotica. She loved the honesty of it, the fearlessness, and the way explicit romance could really get to the core of what it means to be human. She saw a genre popular not for its shock value, but for its resonance. After all, what other type of writing is known for eliciting a physical response in the reader?

Still, it took two decades of writing books and one international writing prize for Scottie to give it a try. After all kinds of formal training in building characters, structuring stories, and developing fast-paced plots, the idea for an erotic fantasy novel finally blossomed… and the Sleeping Lotus series was born. While the series follows the exploits of an illusion mage as she navigates a world of professional spies, it is, at its heart, the story of one woman’s sexual journey from innocence, to lust, to love – and all the rocky places between. It’s the story Scottie wishes she had read when she came of age… with a hefty bit of magic thrown in!