Cover Reveal: The Rose Contract!

It’s finally happening… I’m getting my books on the market and in front of readers! My entire Sleeping Lotus series will release on March 14th in a huge launch party hosted primarily on QueryConnection, but with plans to integrate with Facebook and Twitter. Rather than pursue traditional publishing, I’ve opted to tackle the indie market so that I can focus more on writing quality books than on the whole slow, painful process of querying, submission, waiting on edits, and so on. It’s my dream to make a living with words, and this is the first step!

And so, without further ado, here is the cover reveal of the first book in the series, The Rose Contract! (Join my publisher’s newsletter to see the next five covers revealed this week, and join QueryConnection to see the exclusive reveal of Book Seven!)

Focal art by Erica Dal Maso.

It should be up for preorder on Amazon within a few days! Until then, mark your calendars for that launch party. Elusive Press will be giving away $300 worth of swag and cash prizes in drawings, puzzle contests, and a super-special Treasure Hunt! Seriously, stop in on Saturday, March 14th, for a few minutes… you won’t regret it!

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