Scottie Kaye

Scottie Kaye

Classy erotic fantasy by an internationally award-winning author
What I Learned from my Erotica Book Launch
The book has been out for a month and two days. Here are some specs on how the book did.... These were the best rankings...
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Cover Reveal: The Rose Contract!
It's finally happening... I'm getting my books on the market and in front of readers! My entire Sleeping Lotus series will release on March 14th...
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The Sleeping Lotus Series


Raena Barren is an illusion mage with a secret: of all the magic users in the world of Sense, she is the only one who can hide her true power. This magic serves her well as she chases Jorr Portent, her childhood love and the leader of a spy ring. But when she comes of age, their paths will diverge… unless she can become one of his operatives. To do so, she’ll have to get to know her own body, and outsmart the deadly people around her. Harder yet, she’ll have to separate her love from her lust… while keeping Jorr’s jealousy from killing them both.

In the Sleeping Lotus series, Raena will face crippling betrayals, overcome dark regrets, and discover her own dangerous history–all while taking down a sex-trafficking organization that could alter the magical world as she knows it.

The World of Sense Collection


In the World of Sense collection, follow new and familiar characters alike as they explore the world of Sense in a collection of standalone companion books. Experience the distant past in First of Her Kind, where dragons bestow the first mages with magic while a legendary love story sets the stage of a new world. Then enjoy old characters in Lady of Chains, where the shared history of Loren Stone and Lassyne True comes to light. Each new story stands on its own, but adds depth to the greater story of Sense. Which one will you read first?